A Week of Overwhelming Love

On July 5th my heart grew a whole lot when I became Georgia King‘s mama. It’s a love I’ve never felt before. My heart is overwhelmed (in the best way ever)- I really  never knew I could love something so much. My love has grown for her dad too. Look at his face seeing her for the first time- even more handsome than our wedding day (sweetest look of love ever)! I’m so impressed- his paternal abilities have been just as innate as a mother’s intuition… so we both stir in the night when she makes any sort of peep, but even through sleep deprivation we’re still able to stay nice cause we get bond together over how much we adore our sweet girl. Our families have also been amazing to step in and help as I recover (she was a healthy sized girl at 9lbs 6oz). If it takes a village, I think we have the best village out there for her.

Anyways… “thanking” back to Georgia again… my heart is fuller than full for you girl. I hope you want to be BFFs with me as much you like milk… heart-iconcause I sure want to be yours. I’m singing you your song http://www.courtneycotterking.com/thebestofme/ with even more meaning now.

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Thanks be to God for giving us something so perfect. We promise to take real good care of her.

I’ll love you forever, Georgia. Excited to keep the good times rollin’. You’ve made life so fun already in just one week!


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