“Courtney’s artistry at the piano drives her songs with a compliment of strings and agile sultry vocals that shoot straight to the soul in a masterful blend of indie, jazz and classical influences. We look for great songs, exceptional lyrics, impeccable vocals and captivating musicianship. Courtney delivers on all points.”

-David Hilker, Fervor Records                   

Courtney was born with the piano as an appendage, and is inevitably attached to the keys. With over 100 original songs, her artistry drives her blue-eyed soul, singer-songwriter genre.

Courtney’s works include: Fervor Records release Rooftops, independently released Home I Roam, along with singles; For the Better, I Believe in Santa Claus and Scared of the Dark. Stay tuned for new music releases in 2020!

Courtney is a mom of two, with another babe on the way. She hopes to inspire moms that creativity doesn’t have to stop when kids are created. She humorously balances gigging with nursing and finger painting with songwriting. “Marriage and motherhood has opened me to songs I could have never written without these sweet souls in my life.”


I would love to talk about playing your live event! Please contact me to play shows, private events, weddings, and parties.