Chill- But Serious About Music

Hi guys! For this Courtney's Blog Banners-01I wanted to update y’all with something fun going on in the CCK music world!
While I was playing my music at the Song and TV Expo back in May, I was contacted by a publishing company, named Marmoset. Their role as publishers is to pitch songs to music supervisors who select songs for film and tv. Because they’ve built relationships, often music supervisors go to them to see if they have any songs ready for tv or movie moments. They also have some in house supervisors- so there’s some exciting possibilities! This is the direction that I have really wanted to go. Placements accelerate music getting out there.
From experiences in the past, I did a lot of research to make sure Marmoset was going to be a good fit… and I have to say I’m SUPER excited to be working with them. They seem like fun crowd, who seem to be my style- chill but serious about music
They seem really excited about the music I showed them and ready for me to keep writing. This is great postpartum motivation to get back to writing. 🙂 A lot of times, music supervisors need a specific song right away, so I’m also saving and working towards making an amazing lil home studio where I can work fast to write and record specific songs when they need them. I’m also excited to head up to meet Marmoset at their office in Portland later this year and meet with the other artists on their roster to collaborate on industry-needed music.
I just submitted my paperwork, so this is all new, but real because Marmoset is already in possession of my NEW-never-heard-before music! I’m so hopeful that something FUN happens with getting it placed.  I feel great with my songs in the hands of Marmoset!
Stay tuned, friends and keep your cute fingers crossed that something happens soon 🙂

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