Live Music Flutters!

Courtney's Blog Banners-05 with playing live music with other musicians!

Today was magical! Last minute some musicians came together and played to make a live recording with me (more on that tomorrow.) It was the first time the horns, cello, cajun and I played our parts at once, and it went so smoothly.

It made me grateful for their musicianship and made me reflect on all the people that have played with me through the years on different projects or shows. Some could call it adrenaline, but it’s undeniable that there’s a higher power in playing live music with other musicians. My heart flutters as my lungs fill up between phrases and my ears take in their beautiful notes and the sounds of myself at the same time. It’s full and its fulfilling.

It’s also a chance to connect with people and appreciate their gift. I wanted to give a shout out to some people who have collaborated with me on my music throughout the years and who really cared about the project and sound I was going for.

Rachel Noble, Bryan Kuban, Kit Halloff, Rick Hale, Skyler Hale, Tyler Wallace, Stephen Moyer, Katie Clark, Alex Gerber, Joshua James, Mark Champion, Jared Champion, Lincoln Bellinston and Casey Nesbit… And just today working with a great group for the first time of Joe Arnett, Emily Hunt, Keenen LeFevre, Colin Sanders¬†(Please forgive me for those I’ve missed, there’s been many amazing people.)

These people are legit musicians and humans, I’m so glad our paths have crossed.


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