Here’s a Courtney's Blog Banners-02… if you want fun things to happen in your town, support them when they do.

Here’s a truth: Sometimes I feel like I’m missing the boat (or lots of boats) not living in a big music city… So I really, really appreciate when my hometown puts in the effort to host musical and cultural experiences for all, and opportunities for me to play… like this one.


That’s right!- I’ll be playing this Friday in downtown Mesa at 128 W. Main St. (in front of Lulu Bella Toy Bodega) for the MESA MUSIC FESTIVAL.

I really, really hope I can see you there!… but even if you can’t come when I play, music will be going on throughout the day from the 10th through the 12th, with over 200 musicians from all over the globe. Come enjoy and support great events like this in Mesa. I’m honored to be involved and reminded how glad I am to be from the 85206.

Hope to see all you Arizonies on Fri-day!


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