More Than Enough

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Here we are into the week after Thanksgiving, the turkey sandwiches are ceasing and everyone is back to the grind… but I can’t shake the intense gratitude.

How wonderful to have a holiday that focusses on being Thankful, something I try to do everyday, but occasionally need reminders… like this:

Favorite Lyrics from above:

“Once in a while, though it’s never the plan

I grow blue and ungrateful, take to hiding again

‘Til a friend at my window disguised as an angel

Says enough is enough

And when I’m sleepwalking, about to walk off a cliff

Something inside me reminds me of this

Says, “Don’t take darkness for granted, without it light can’t exist…

The knowings more than enough”

Elizabeth & The Catapult is one of my faves. In one of my day dreams, I open up for her and we become bffs. ¬†Any who, this song shows how all the little imperfections in life, even when added up, can’t overpower joy. I don’t want to be “sleep walking” as she said, I want to have my eyes wide open to everything around me.

LIFE IS NOT PERFECT… and I quite prefer it that way. It brings character to the every day- and to US.

So laugh when things go wrong, hold people closer when things are gloomy and remember that your imperfections make up beautiful you. There’s ALWAYS things to be thankful for in life. I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!


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