Proud Piano Teacher

heart-iconteaching piano students!

On paper, teaching piano supports us Kings, as I continue to build my music career and help get my husband through his bachelors,… but it’s so much more than that.


I mean just look at these sweet, talented, appreciative kids. arrow-lineThey are truly my friends.

They just had a recital on Saturday and they all rocked it… and don’t take that lightly. My whole philosophy is for them to like piano, so they picked their recital pieces- with one major caveat– they had to be challenging. They worked so hard. We even got some extra little video conferencing going with a few of them to get a last practice in (and calm their nerves.) In the end, we all pulled it off and I even got some decorations and treats there with Georgia in my arms. #blessings

Though, I’m still thinking big with my own music career, I’m grateful to get to see these kids blossom musically in their own lives along the way. I’m also grateful to have a music-related gig to keep my heart beating with music always. Sending love to them and gratitude to their supportive parents.

So, to my perfect angel piano students… remember that teacher, Courtney, is proud of you!

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