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This week I was seen holding Georgia in one arm, and messaging people to vote in the other hand…


With loads of help, I won Visual Impulse’s Music Video Contest. I was behind, but thanks to everyone… we pulled it off in the 11th hour.

Winning this is a huge deal to me.

  1. I love Visual Impulse. They are the ones that produced my “I Believe in Santa Claus” music video. They are creative, capable and great to work with. I’ve wanted to work with them again and I’m thrilled about this opportunity! If you need a video made for a business or any other purpose, call them!
  2. The video is valued at $8500. My music is pretty much 100% self-funded. Though I make money through music to make more music stuff happen, it takes time to save up. I was currently saving for another music video…this allows me to get one together  much sooner. 👍ye-ahhh!
  3. I already have a music video idea ready that I’m ecstatic about. It will involve a sweet pup  and also star actor, Andy Cooper. Without giving away too much, it will depict a man down on his luck and the loyalty of his dog cheering him up and helping make his life happen when he needs it most. The story board alone pulls on my heart strings. It’s also set to a new song recorded earlier this year “The Grain of Truth”– it’s been burning a hole sitting in my pocket and I can’t wait to get it out to y’all!

I hate bugging people to vote, but I can’t do stuff like this alone. I mean it would be really weird to make up 400 fake FB accounts. 😀 So thanks again for voting with yours. I never take it for granted when people share my music and even supporting me in small ways like this, are big ways to me. So really, thank you for everyone that voted. Also, a huge thanks to Visual Impulse… I’m so looking forward to working together on this next video!

Feeling grateful,

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