Try Your Best and Call it Good!

Hi Everyone! For Courtney's Blog Banners-06  I wanted to tell you a funny story from  this past week, that will hopefully encourage someone out there.

So, I’ve been enjoying doing more gigs lately. I love it. It’s fun. And sometimes I get to play with my friend, Skyler, like last week when we played a wedding for a lovely couple in Prescott. It was 6 hours long though… and with my growing girl’s love for milk, it was my greatest circus act yet to make it work.


Georgia and Dallin were situated at the bottom of the hill and I was very busy singing/playing, DJ-ing and MC-ing at the top of the hill. Georgia doesn’t like bottles, so I would announce something then run down the hill and feed her until Dal (listening outside of the car and coordinating with the wedding planner) would tell me it was time to be back up. Then I’d sprint up the hill and sing until they would cut the cake or toss the bouquet or toast and sprint down the hill to feed her again… and then run back up. Because the feedings had to be short to be back to sing, this sprinting back and forth was continuous.

I tried to play it cool and shake the dirt of my shoes and wipe the spit-up out of my hair all casual like. At the end of the night I just had to laugh cause it was straight up cra-zzzzzy.

I love Georgia so much and she’s my priority, but I want to share this story to let moms know that it’s possible to do other things you want AND be the best mom you can be simultaneously. It’s hard work, but possible. Everything doesn’t always turn out 100%, but I say you just try your best and call it good. Trying is an accomplishment in and of itself, so live your mama dreams and your other dreams and life will feel beautifully full.



P.s. I should probably put in a plug since I’m talking about a wedding gig, that I play GIGS! 🙂 Weddings, parties and other events are my jam! (Yes, I may run out to the parking lot on a break haha, but I’ll be super quick to get back to play for you and your loves.) Please share and let your friends and family know, as well. Just message me what you’re looking for and I can get you a quote. Depending on your budget, I play solo or duo (with the talented, Skyler Hale.)

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