WISH there was a song about ______________?

Hi friend-fans!

You may not be a songwriter, but I KNOW you have great ideas!!! You probably have thought, “I wish there was a song about __________ or ________________… well I want to hear what YOU want. Plus, it’s a fun way to get to know you better and I’m in the writing mood right now.

You can send in ideas about whatever you think there should be a song about- outside of the box is good. It could be inspired by someone you know, your own life… or just a topic you think people need to hear.

Here’s a video to explain more:

And here’s some quick directions:

  1. Click on this link: www.courtneycotterking.com/events/
  2. Click “Contact” on this page courtneys-submissions-video-01
  3. Fill in the contact box with your name, email and song idea & explanation. It’s super easy.courts-contact-page

I care about you guys and want to represent you. I’m excited to hear about your ideas!

It’s not limited to one song… I could pick more than one idea… so SHARE this with your friends and family.


**p.s./disclaimer** This is not a co-write, this is just an opportunity for your idea to be heard. If your idea is chosen, you will not own rights to the song… but how cool to say you inspired it and it represents something meaningful to you. 🙂 This is so fun!

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